About Alex. Brown

A highly regarded reputation continues on

1800: Alex. Brown & Sons founded, becoming the first investment banking firm in the U.S.
1830: Financed the continent’s first railroad, the Baltimore & Ohio, which opened markets to the West
1865: Issued letters of credit, one of the firm’s earliest innovations, to help rebuild businesses in the South after the Civil War
1933: Purchased seat on the New York Stock Exchange
1976: Pioneered industry-focused healthcare conference
1986: Helped launch IPOs for Microsoft, Oracle and Sun Microsystems over a 10-day period
1990s: Was a lead underwriter known for high-profile IPOs
1992: Brought AOL and Starbucks public in the same year
1997: Alex. Brown was the number six stock underwriter1 by total dollar amount of deals and served 115,000 high-net-worth clients
1997: Merger with Bankers Trust Company added premier private wealth management capabilities and enabled global competition for corporate clients
1999: Deutsche Bank acquired Bankers Trust, becoming Deutsche Bank’s Private Services division to create a global platform with expanded investment banking and products
2000: Deutsche Bank Alex. Brown celebrated its 200-year anniversary
2001: Deutsche Bank shares listed on New York Stock Exchange
2002: Deutsche Bank acquired Zurich Scudder Investments and RREEF, becoming one of the world’s largest managers of assets and real estate
2012: Deutsche Asset & Wealth Management is formed
2015: Deutsche Bank Alex. Brown had 210 Client Advisors in 16 branches managing $50 billion in assets
2016: Alex. Brown partners with Raymond James, the nation’s 7th largest wealth management firm by assets under management2


1Source: Securities Data Corporation
2Source: On Wall Street ranking

Raymond James is not affiliated with the companies mentioned, except Alex. Brown.